Used, Guaranteed, Original Audi C5-Series A6 Parts

For your 1997-2004 (in other words, C5 Series a.k.a. Type 4B) Audi A6 FWD or Quattro (whether a 2.7 turbo, a 2.8, a 3.0 or the 4.2, whether a 4-door, Avant or Allroad), you can buy used OEM (OEM = Original Equipment [of the] Manufacturer) parts from us. With few exceptions, our used parts are guaranteed.


You would choose us if you like buying used, good parts from a small company that:

  • Is passionate about these cars
  • Understands what it sells
  • Has good prices
  • Is responsive
  • Is nice to deal with
  • Guarantees almost everything it sells

We own several of these cars. We enjoy

  • Removing parts from our cars
  • Analyzing them
  • Photographing them
  • Documenting them.

We are not a junkyard but we have friendly, synergistic dynamics with several formal, legal junkyards. This enables us to source parts affordably and to offer them at competitive prices.