Door Panel Pockets

The door pockets on our project car yawn open, and they don’t stay latched if we push them closed. So, we found some replacement items at a junkyard. They were still in the door panels.

First, the inner door panel needed to be removed from the door. On the junk car they already were, but it was good to note that the shape of the hooks suggests that the door panel removal is best done by vertically lifting the panel upwards relative to the door metal.

Then, the dust cover needs to be peeled gently away from the back of the door panel. The wiring needs to be separated at the plug, and the seat memory switch wiring grommet needs to be loosened from the dust cover and then pushed through the grommet hole.

On each door panel, this exposes a set of half a dozen brass-colored Phillips screws. I removed these, and the front door pocket assembly fell away from the door panel.

These door panels are color-coordinated with the seat leather color, and so we made a point of choosing a car with matching interior color.


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