ZF 5 HP-24A Teardown: Step 6: Front Drive-Shaft Guide Pipe

The front differential for the Quattro functionality is on the passenger side, and from there the power gets transmitted to the driver side along a long steel shaft that runs from the passenger side through a tunnel in the transmission all the way to the driver side.

The tunnel is the inside of a pipe, and that pipe can and must be removed as part of the dismantling process.

The pipe has a thicker portion and a seal on the driver side, and so the only way to remove it was by having it exit on the driver side.

2015-12-19 18.02.38

We needed some way to gently inspire the pipe to exit the transmission on the driver side. My clever assistant dismantled part of the bathroom sink, and she used that part as a basis to spread the force of the impact, and then she gently whacked the passenger side of the pipe with a rubber mallet. It worked perfectly.

2015-12-19 18.02.11


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