ZF 5 HP-24A Teardown: Step 14: Rear Axle Output Group

We could not remove the F clutch and freewheel until the rear axle parts were removed. So, that was the next step.

To remove this part, we removed the looooong yellow Torx T-40 bolts at the end of the housing.

2015-12-22 19.27.012015-12-22 19.27.072015-12-22 19.26.53

We next focused on the flange to which the drive shaft attaches. That area is filthy with black grease, so after trying to tough it out for a while, we gave up and cleaned all the grease off.

2015-12-22 19.27.242015-12-22 19.27.282015-12-22 19.27.38

First, we removed the rearmost part.

2015-12-24 17.06.362015-12-24 17.06.472015-12-24 17.06.572015-12-24 17.07.032015-12-24 17.07.082015-12-24 17.27.44

With the flange removed, the rearmost portion of the transmission was a plate. We removed the fasteners around that plate, and then removed the plate.

2015-12-24 17.07.172015-12-24 17.07.222015-12-24 17.07.502015-12-24 17.27.482015-12-24 17.08.012015-12-24 17.08.042015-12-24 17.08.46

With the plate removed, the Torsen differential unit can be lifted out.

2015-12-24 17.29.14

2015-12-24 17.27.57


The next step is to remove the large rear housing.

2015-12-24 17.28.182015-12-24 17.28.422015-12-24 17.28.22

2015-12-24 17.28.05

Sandwiched between that housing and the body of the transmission is another housing, perhaps an inch or two thick. We removed that too.

2015-12-24 17.36.082015-12-24 17.36.472015-12-24 17.36.542015-12-24 17.37.292015-12-24 17.37.322015-12-24 17.37.422015-12-24 17.37.452015-12-24 17.37.56

That enabled us to plainly see the output shaft from transmission, and an intermediate gear that meshes with that. That gear, in turn, also meshes with a gear on a shaft that sends the power to the front differential.

The output shaft of the transmission has some gears and bearings that slide onto it; we removed them.

2015-12-24 17.39.232015-12-24 17.39.272015-12-24 17.39.312015-12-24 17.39.582015-12-24 17.40.142015-12-24 17.40.292015-12-24 17.40.42

We removed the intermediate gear too. Under that gear is a pressed-in bearing that obscures some fasteners that we needed to remove to free the F clutch and freewheel inside the transmission. Removing this bearing was a huge pain. We destroyed the bearing in the process. We tried various pullers and tools, including two special mini-prybars that we’d bought from Snap-On. Finally, the business end of a massive 30mm wrench managed to work the bearing loose. A replacement bearing cost us about $35 plus shipping.

2015-12-25 21.42.442015-12-25 21.43.042015-12-25 21.43.122015-12-25 21.55.09


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