ZF 5 HP-24A Teardown: Step 8: Oil Pump

To remove the oil pump, we removed the eight T-27 Torx bolts that are arranged in a circle, with the bottom two accessible via the holes recently vacated by the two black rubber plugs.

2015-12-19 18.08.15

The input shaft is a composite, with an outer shaft and an inner shaft. The outer shaft goes to the oil pump. The inner shaft goes to the clutch A drum, which is behind the oil pump. So, to pull out the oil pump, shaft and all, one yanks it out very precisely, dead-on forward, towards the front, by pulling the outer drive shaft while pushing down on the front edge of the inner shaft. Problem is, how?

So, my clever assistant sent me shopping. I bought 4 separate pullers from the local NAPA store, hoping one would do the trick. I also bought two short M4 bolts. The bolts go into holes on either side of the outer shaft. Some cleverly placed rubber bands hold the bolts in place.

2015-12-19 18.15.202015-12-19 18.32.062015-12-19 18.21.59

Then, using a puller with a sharp central point that keeps it located into the (fortunately) hollow front edge of the input shaft, the puller then grabs the bottom of the two bolts and exerts pressure. It worked perfectly.

2015-12-19 18.31.32

Here is a picture of the oil pump just starting to move outwards, no longer flush with the housing.

2015-12-19 18.32.20

Here is the oil pump, after removal.

2015-12-19 18.43.35

Here is what the transmission looks like with the oil pump removed.

2015-12-19 18.34.03

This picture shows the holes on the driver side of the casing right by the oil pump, by which the fluid leaves the transmission to go to the radiator to be cooled, and then flows back again.

2015-12-19 18.36.23


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